alter ego

“the part of someones personality not normally seen by others”

Do we have an alter ego that should come out more often than the main character? As Christians we are to be “new creations”, we are to be “transformed” – becoming more like Christ are we not?

Our church, C3 Whitianga, has a vision that is driven out of Jeremiah 29:7 to pray for the prosperity of our town, so we too may prosper. Normally, we would like to think, that if God blessed us or prospered us then we can prosper our community. But God never seems to work that way. The other way around takes something we call serving and something called faith.

Faith and serving create character. Its not how the world normally likes to work.

Prosper them and I will prosper you.

But thats just what Jesus did. He came down and turned the world on its ear. His character was to bless those that hate you; he said that if someone asks you to go the extra mile you did. Jesus was the King of Kings, God incarnate, and he came to serve!

Jesus was fully man. He is the “man” that we are to portray. He is our character.

A.W. Tozer described character as the excellence of moral beings.

If the excellence of gold is purity and the excellence of art is beauty, then excellence of man is in his character is it not?

Sure. This character that we should be aiming for does take a lot of uncomfortableness. Its called suffering. (Im pretty sure that Jesus death on the cross was fairly uncomfortable!) Romans 5 tells us that suffering creates perseverance, perseverance produces character, and this character produces hope.

Our town needs to prosper. It needs true riches like its never had before…. HOPE….you have that hope. Please don’t hide it.

And our town needs that hope. Please pray that our town becomes incredibly rich.

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