Its a word I saw used today in an article on Kim Kardashian. She was apparently robbed in her apartment in France somewhere. Her husband Kanye West was live on stage at one of his concerts. So he quit the concert midway and ran to her. Beautiful. She apparently lost millions and that may include her $6MILLION diamond engagement ring.

The world reacted.

Twitter peeps mocked her. Talk show comedian, James Corden told the world to “leave her alone”.

Then I saw the word. Schadenfreude which means “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune”. And I mused the word and got totally convicted.

I’ve had a few years which contained a fair amount of “unpleasantness”, and in it, and during these times, I have had a few cruel people and a few that have not fully been there for me when I thought they would. I have found that at times, I have derived pleasure at the times when THEY have have had misfortune. Not good.

I have been forgiven ALL of my sins, failings etc by Jesus and given eternal life. Should be enough don’t you think? I have the most beautiful family and live in the most incredible place in the world. I am part of an amazing church. Should be more than enough don’t you think?

Obviously its not. I have been convicted. When people fail around you we must continue to pick them up not keep them down. How many times should we forgive? Seventy x seven; seven times a day if they ask for forgiveness. “Increase my faith” the disciple bemoaned.

Yip. Sometimes I need my faith increased; my humility increased; my empathy increased. Sometimes I just need to grow up and stop being a prat.

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